OnCoCo 2.4gHz Bluetooth Keyboard Retro with Colorful Round Keycaps and Wireless Mouse

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Product information :

-Transmission method : 2.4G Wireless USB
-Type :  Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse
-Keyboard and Mouse Use battery
-Keyboard battery :1x AA battery ( This product does not include batteries )
-Mouse battery :1x AA battery ( This product does not include batteries )
-Color : black white pink green
-Keyboard Size : 445 *135 *35 mm
-Keyboard Buttons : 104 keys
-Mouse Size : 101 *75 *34 mm
-Mouse Buttons : 5 keys (Including roller)
*The above data is not the same as the method of manual measurement and measurement by each person. There is an error in the data. Please refer to the actual object.

Product Description :
1) Full-featured keyboard. 104 keys.
2) Retro typewriter style, high key design.
3) A USB drive operates both keyboard and mouse
4) Multimedia buttons. FN + multimedia composite keys quickly handle operations such as play/pause and volume adjustment.
5) Ergonomics- Adjustable Bracket: An adjustable bracket is designed on the bottom of the keyboard to keep the wrist at a relaxed angle, which ensures the flexibility of the fingers and at the same time also allows for the clarity of the viewing angle.
6) The USB receiver is plug-and-play and does not require any drivers. Plug into the computer's USB port, without repeated insertion and removal, remaining light and convenient. When not in use, it can be stored in the receiver slot on the bottom of the mouse